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Build your ADU.. and then Sell? Wow!

New legislation in California may allow homeowners to build ADUs, condotize the property, and then sell off the units as primary homes. You don't have to sell to strangers. Imagine selling to you kids, best friends or family members. And just look at the revenue! That's why approximately 50% of ADUs built in other States are sold off as housing. And that provides fresh housing affordable to young people looking to buy their 'starter home.'

Sell or rent a 1200 square foot ADU

Sell or rent an 800 square foot ADU

Sell or rent a 600 square foot Junior ADU or Garage Conversion

These are only estimates based on a small market sampling, but you can get your personalized estimate by book a call with us.

ADU Rent vs Sell
Download PDF • 1.35MB

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