Loans for Granny Flats & Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) has a variety of low-cost loan options to finance the construction of your granny flat (detached ADU), enclosed garage or garage conversion, Junior ADU or JADU, guest house, solar and even remodeling inside your primary home. 


Our goals are to:

  • Run the numbers with you to ensure that a granny flat makes financial sense.

  • Limit your out-of-pocket costs by financing most or all of the construction at the lowest possible interest rates.

  • Outline a timeline and process which make sense.

  • Collaborate with professional contractors to ensure we meet your financial goals and help prevent cost overruns or delays.


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Do I need equity in my home to finance ADU construction? No!

If you have equity to finance construction, then great! We can help you run the numbers on your project, create a financial plan, and help with a cash-out refinance to fund the project.


If not, we specialize in Renovation Loans. These unique loans can help you obtain financing based on future appraised value, i.e. what would be the value of your home after you complete the ADU. 

"Mike and his team have been incredibly helpful and patient. We are new home buyers in the crazy California Bay Area market, and it can be a stressful and overwhelming process. Mike and his team answer emails quickly, go above and beyond to get you helpful information, and don't pressure you into making a move that isn't right for you."

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"I want to thank Michael and his staff for all of their assistance throughout this entire process. They really took the time to search and find a loan package that fit our needs. They were very knowledgeable and professional at all times. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! Thank you Loan Depot you really exceeded our expectations!"

Jonathan from San Diego, CA