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Local governments should adopt AB 1033 for more family housing

If communities want fewer renters and more homeowners, they should adopt AB 1033 and allow homeowners to build ADUs and sell them off. Experience in other States such as Washington, Oregon and Texas show that nearly 50% of ADUs built are sold off often to family members or young families looking for an affordable 'starter' home. This infuses the community with a new generation of homeowners!

Sellers benefit, too! Many of the sellers in other States are retirees who have long since paid off their mortgage but need to supplement a meager retirement. They sometimes downsize to the ADU and sell the front house, or simply sell the ADU - but the sale windfall dramatic adds to their retirement nest egg and security.

AB 1033 can help rebuild your community with homeowners instead of renters, so encourage your local government to adopt these rules. Sample regulation language to adopt can be found at #ADU #housing  #affordablehousing

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