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New Interest-Only HELOC up to 97.5% LTV!

We're excited to announce a new option for financing ADUs, remodels and even debt reduction! If you have a great rate on your existing mortgage, it might make sense to use a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Even better, this loan has interest only payments for the next 10 years. This keeps the payment low during high inflation time.

We expect rates to go back down once inflation is dampened, probably in 18-24 months. at that point, we offer our clients a FREE refinance back to those fix low mortgage rates we've come to know and love. This pays off the HELOC and makes the mortgage interest on your entire property tax deductible! You can even check out our new post-ADU refinance - we can lend up to 95% of value!

We're working on more financing options for ADUs, so keep in touch!

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