How much savings do I need to build an ADU or Granny Flat?

Our goal is to finance all of your ADU project with no money out of pocket. This gives your the lowest interest rate possible and the tax deduction. Use your cash to invest in other things.

We can include almost everything in your loan:

  1. Designs

  2. Permits

  3. Construction

There are a few things you can expect to pay for out-of-pocket:

  1. Often an initial deposit to contractrs or designers, but our partners typically limit that to $1000 - $2,500 or waive it.

  2. An appraisal fee of $800 through loanDepot. We need our experienced appraisers to do the work or we cannot lend.

  3. If you are using a Renovation Loan, $1,000 for an initial meeting with a HUD Inspector who will coordinate payment to you contractor.

Everything else can be covered in your loan or reimbursed to you through the loan. We will help set up a specific strategy and timeline to fit your project.

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